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   Charts - a pictorial history of markets - can be a powerful decision making tool. Patterns repeat. A seasoned analyst can tell a lot about what is likely to happen in a particular situation, based on chart patterns.    In any market, knowing what is likely to happen is a big edge. Most commodity spec funds, for example, trade on charts. If charts work for billion dollar hedge funds, odds are they may provide you a hand when you’re marketing your 10,000 bushels of lentils. For a farmer, charts can be a helpful marketing tool.    Updated weekdays, Prairie Crop Charts is a free chart service covering the major grains and special crops grown on the Prairies: canola, oats, wheat, barley, flax, soybeans, red lentils, green lentils, brown mustard, yellow mustard, oriental mustard, canary, green peas, yellow peas, chickpeas, edible beans and more.    Summaries and links to the most recent crop charts, analysis and commentary follow below. Additional crop chart analysis may be located by following the navigation bar links above.
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   Information is secured from sources believed to be reliable, but 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. For analytical purposes, some price data for illiquid markets may be  interpolated.    Persons associated with Canadagrain.com deal commercially with businesses active in Prairie grain markets and may hold positions on their own accounts in commodities discussed herein.    Prairie Crop Charts does not provide specific marketing advice or advice on trading opinions on futures and option contracts.
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Need a specific prairie crop price? The Wild Oats Grain Market Advisory has been compiling weekly (40 weeks/year) Saskatchewan special crops prices since 1990 and grain and oilseed crops prices since 2005.    For data availability and cost, contact 1-204-942-1459 or admin@canadagrain.com  Historical Crop Prices Barley [Feed] April 11, 2014
Chart analysis and commentary by Harold AGJ Davis
Feed Barley: Held back by Feed Wheat   Feed Barley looks to have turned the corner and could now be headed higher. [ read more...  ]
Mustard April 14, 2014
Chart analysis and commentary by Harold AGJ Davis
Mustards: Acreage competitors are gaining   In recent months, average delivered elevator prices for various Mustards have held up well in the face of broad market weakness in the grains and oilseeds. [ read more...  ]
Wheat [General] April 15, 2014
Chart analysis and commentary by Harold AGJ Davis
Wheat: Ongoing price recovery   The charts suggest the recent recovery in Canadian Wheat prices is just the local part of a global trend shift that could provide a firmer bias for a long time to come.  [ read more...  ]
Oats April 16, 2014
Chart analysis and commentary by Harold AGJ Davis
Oats: Will price confusion lead to volatility?   It is often said that prices send signals, but what if they are mixed? [ read more...  ]
Yellow Peas April 17, 2014
Chart analysis and commentary by Harold AGJ Davis
Yellow Peas: $6.50/bu target beginning to look conservative   Several price indicators combine to suggest that Yellow Pea prices seem to undergoing a positive reappraisal. [ read more...  ]